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 Kate Gretasair   2022-09-07 12:00:19 

MARGARET, I just saw your paintings on mesart’s featured artists.  Your work is just beautiful. I especially love the sail boats and birds.  It would be hard to pick a favorite though.  They’re all so well done.  Thank you for sharing your talents with us all.  Keep those fingers wet.  Here’s to your next painting…cheers!
 Beryl A Maclean   2019-04-09 10:11:09 

Hi Margaret - will get in touch this year again to add some beautiful art to my home in Grass Valley.  Wish I lived closer to take a class, but hopefully once retired.  Hope you are well!



(fka Beckwith)
510-384-7162 Cell
 John & Mary Hines   2016-08-23 19:44:57 

Just cruising through your website, your work is beautiful and prolific! You must be one busy lady! Hope to see you sometime,
love, John & Mary
 Jeanne Pietrzak   2016-07-16 10:02:44 


I'm a friend of Lynn MacDonald.  I was thrilled to hear about your teaching skills, personality & group classes.  I am newly retired & so have a flexible schedule.  I took some private watercolour classes back in 1995.  I've taken a couple of drawing classes.  

Please send me info on your next class series.  Perhaps Lynn & I can carpool at some point.  We did that last Spring with our CCA class.

Sincerely, Jeanne
 Lynn Takacs   2014-01-08 07:20:24 

Absolutely love your work Margaret and am truly enjoying your classes. Always looking forward to the next one.
 Liana   2013-10-01 11:12:33 


I am very interested in purchasing some of your work for my new office here in Alameda.  Please let me know when and where I can come and view what you have available.

thank you,
Liana Hans
 Sandra Miller   2012-03-18 10:56:00 

I love your work with water, at one point I felt like I was on the water in the boat swaying in the wind as I was looking at your slide show.  Thank you so much for the work you do. Inspiring!

I found you on the Feather River camp page.  I wish I could take the camp this year but am in North Carolina that week.  Do you do the camp each year or are there other workshops that you teach?  

I would be interested in learning about workshops in the Bay area or Sierra Foothills that you are teaching.
 Evie Too Sailing   2012-01-18 16:36:32 

Hi Margaret,

How were your holidays?  Are you ready to display some of your work?  I'm having the grand opening in early March :-)  but have a few students marching through now and then.

Take care,

 Janice Hamilton   2011-12-30 17:58:58 

Hi Margaret. I received your card today. How lovely it is. I've also browsed your web-site. Wow they are fantastic. Your mum & grandma would be thrilled I;m sure.
I will pass the card onto Lois. Love to you both.
 David Wilson   2011-11-15 09:46:41 

I like your website. I'm in Gibraltar on Answer now and will sail for Funchal,Madiera this week. I did trans Atlantic on her in June. Jan & I spent the season sailing in Balerics,Corsica,Sardinia and the south of France. Now I'm working my way back to the U.S.
Say hi to Fred. I miss the harbor people and SBW.
 Rosemary   2010-04-23 14:06:00 

Love your work, and share your love of water and sailing. My husband and I sailed a vintage gaff-rigged cutter on the Bay for many years, and recently learned she is now in Master Mariners under the name 'Pearl.' Perhaps you know her?

I wonder if you might be interested in exhibiting some of your work at a newly-opened, vegan-Chinese restaurant in Palo Alto? Email me directly for details.

Hoping to hear from you.

 Mike and Diane Robinson   2009-12-21 12:23:47 

Merry Christmas Margaret! We bought some of your cards at Dewitt Gallery.  They are beautiful. Hope you have a great holiday.
 Sara Hirsch   2009-11-19 13:52:16 

I saw your work at the stamp shop on Bush in SF.  I love your aesthetic.  There was a wonderful single dinghy that I think was the original and I must go back for it.  I bought the cards of the Tall Ships and they were out of any more than one box.  Can I get more from you?  We live in Jack London Square so I am close.  I am interested in anything that you paint, wish you well and hope to see more soon.
 Kathy Souza   2009-05-09 08:41:56 

Thanks so much for keeping us in your address book. I love you work. We keep looking for that perfect picture. We'll see it one of these days, so keep up the good work.
 Jim Forrest   2009-04-21 12:13:32 

Hello again,

It was a nice surprise to see you at the boat show.  I am embarrased to reveal that I had not seen your website, otherwise I would have known that our Black Labrador "Cassie" is the featured painting on your Home Page.  We love it and now will enjoy it all the more hanging in our new home on the water in Alameda.
 Jessie   2008-10-31 00:26:07 

Hi Margaret,
We have been admiring your site.  You might have made some pretty big sales with your cousins!! Bill and Ken were drooling over the boats and Joanne was very impressed.  We are having a pretty good evening here.  You would have enjoyed it.
 Nancy Boothby   2008-10-14 11:57:42 

Hi Margret,
I just wanted to say hello.
I love looking at your paintings and am so happy to know that you are busy doing what you love.
My otter painting is in a place of honor in my place and I love it more every day.
I hope all is well with you and Fred.
Take care,
 Philip   2008-10-11 23:38:12 

Awesome works.
 Beth Allen   2008-08-27 22:01:14 

Would love to find out more about your teaching watercolor painting classes.  Your artwork is beautiful.  
 Laurie Chaikin   2008-04-22 15:48:54 

Your artwork is very beautiful, I particularly like the abstract patterns. Thank you
 Astrid Rusquellas   2008-04-09 17:19:54 

I am delighted with your art!!!!. Magnificent watercolors!!!!.
We share some of the same passions: water, reflexions and boats. I am a sailor at the San Francisco Bay and an artist. Many years ago I sailed the South Atlantic. It would be a great pleasure and an honor if you looked into my studio at mesart and left a few words in my guest book. I have several watercolor paintings of boats, the Berkeley Marina and also reflexions on water.

 Glenis Baysinger   2007-06-03 10:17:44 

I enjoyed your art and meeting you at the Strickly Sail Show in Oakland. I hope you will return next year. I love the sail boats on the Bay. Now just to decide which one to buy.

 denise goodman   2007-05-25 09:15:30 

lookin' good girl
 Vera Nevens   2006-10-06 09:56:25 

Thank you, Margaret, for such inspirational, peaceful and beautiful artwork.

I am a friend of your sister Jessie. She shared your web site link with me.

Your pieces are wonderful!!

Vera Nevens
 Dee Braig   2006-10-03 13:48:26 

Margaret, how wonderful! I'm so happy to see this site, especially as the proud owner of at least one Boat Cat!  The version of The Lane you sent to me is on my mantelpiece. You must come back soon to see and enjoy all the changes!

Say, you don't happen to have done a painting of the Californian?

A big hug, and thanks again for the lovely Canal Book!

 Linda Jensen   2006-09-19 15:45:05 

These are fantastic. I love to photograph water and just to look at it. You have an amazing gift of capturing its beauty.

I work with your nephew Eric and his is right, your work is wonderful.
 Chinabear   2006-09-02 11:01:22 

I would like to be placed on your mailing list for upcoming exhibits and watercolor classes. Thank you

 barbara james   2006-08-24 10:28:56 

I love your work & am impress with how busy you are. This newsletter is a great idea.
 lin coonan   2006-08-05 12:55:30 

your nephew Paul sent me - i love your paintings.
 Mary Lee Hines   2006-02-13 22:15:28 

Lovely lovely peaceful paintings makes me want to go sailing
 Rick & Debbie- Florida Keys   2006-01-14 10:22:38 

Your watercolors are beautiful! It's great to be able to view them.
Thank you for staying in touch. We look forward to your cards!
 Brenda Platt   2005-12-15 19:51:26 


I really enjoyed viewing your work. Lovely prespectives, unique. My cousin who is from CA and temporarily living in FL told me about your website. I am a painter living on Amelia Island in Florida. I really admire your use of reflections. Your work is moving and beautiful.

 Karen Williams   2005-11-26 15:56:48 

Hi Auntie

I just took a look at your watercolors.  I love them.  I especially like the one with buster and amber.  Looking forward to seeing you on the 3rd or 4th for your show.
 Laura moldowan   2005-08-16 18:11:03 

Hi Margaret,

Thought I would stop by and say hello. Your work is beautiful.

Laura Moldowan
 Lee Serles   2005-07-04 18:02:25 

 Alice & Jack McKenzie   2005-06-29 12:25:26 


I have heard wonderful comments about your watercolors.  Now we are able to view them on your website.  I am fond of the same things that you have mastered in your paintings.  Your composition as well as your ability to capture the essence of the moment are exceptional.  We will see additional awards listed in "your biography" based on the work you have done so far.  
 marilyn oliveira   2005-06-26 19:49:55 

Great website, your paintings stand out among all the others for their originality
Hope I can someday do as well..
 Jessie Woodford   2005-04-12 18:21:13 

This is a really comprehensive site!  I forwarded it to a few friends, Elaine, and Rose and Jan.  I know that Rose's husband Mike will like looking at all the art.  I'm impressed at all the artist's that you have collected and look forward to seeing more of your work pop upl
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